Frank & Louise’s Bathroom Renovation

January 2013

With the holidays over, Frank and Louise decided to bring in the New Year by renovating their master bath- room, with its antiquated tile and plumbing fixtures.

They wanted an oversized shower with a bench and body sprays to replace their old tub. They had long dreamed of having a sauna built into a new shower. They started window-shopping for tiles and color schemes, faucets and plumbing fixtures.

They knew they needed advice and design consultation, so they called their licensed master plumber to come over and discuss their options.
These included relocating the fixtures to add a skylight or a larger window for more natural light. They wanted to eliminate an ugly old radiator and replace it with radiant heat in the floor, so that when they stepped out of the shower, the floor would feel nice and warm. This would increase the size of their bathroom without the costly expense of relocating walls. Frank and Louise also discussed adding a laundry chute from their new bathroom down to their laundry room.

Their plumber was able to make some cost-effective suggestions, taking the stress out of the project. He recommended removing all the old, stained plaster and sheet rock walls and replacing old, leaky water lines with brand new copper piping and valves. Also, while the walls were open, he suggested replacing outdated wiring, switches and lights and showed them how they could have two exhaust fans installed—one in the new shower and one outside the shower operating on separate switches.

The couple were pleased with the plans and couldn’t wait to begin renovations. With their tile and fixtures chosen and all the decisions made, the plumber assured Frank and Louise that the work would be completed in three to four days from start of demolition to the final stages of grouting and painting—and it was.

Throughout the project, their plumber coordinated the work of the carpenter, electrician and painter. He was instrumental in reviewing their budget and adhering to it. Now, with the bathroom renovation complete, the couple decided their next project will be their kitchen. Stay tuned.

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