Renovation Part 2: On to the Kitchen

February 2013

Frank and Louise, pleased with the results of their bathroom renovation, started to gather ideas for their dream kitchen.

They again called their master plumber, who oversaw the entire bathroom renovation (plumbing, electric, sheet rock, tile and new skylight), and brought him in to discuss what they wanted—the type of sink and appliances (microwave, dishwasher, range, refrigerator, garbage disposal) and the location of each.

They wanted to re-locate their kitchen sink from one side of the kitchen to the other. Their plumber recommended they put the dishwasher, range and refrigerator on one wall, with ample counter space.  He supplied names of two kitchen cabinet makers he had worked with over the years.

Frank and Louise gave a lot of thought to the style, make and color of the new cabinets, comparing the prices in the two cabinet shops.  When their selections were made, the kitchen renovation could begin.

As they were happy with work done in their bathroom renovation by the tile man, electrician and painters, they decided to hire them for the kitchen project, too.

Once plans were filed with the building department and the construction permits were issued, demolition started; workmen stripped out the old plumbing, cabinets, ceiling and floor. Their master plumber then came in and brought in the electrician. Together they did their work inside the walls.  When it was done, the plumber called for building inspections.  Once the inspections were completed, workmen put up the new sheet rock, insulation and tile.

Next came the cabinets, along with a beautiful black-and-gold-veined granite countertop.  While overseeing the construction, their plumber started the installation of the fixtures and appliances while the electrician installed the overhead lighting fixtures, outlets and switches.

From start to finish the kitchen project took about eleven days.  The building inspector came in to inspect the final phase of construction and issued his approval of all the work that had been done.

Frank and Louise were delighted with the outcome and hosted a celebratory dinner and house warming for their close friends. They were happy to recommend their team of specialists to their friends.  They knew their plumber’s years of experience helped them avoid costly mistakes; they especially appreciated his attention to their budget and overall design.

Ralph Spano is president/owner of Sunshine Plumbing & Heating.  He can be reached at any time at 845.548.3054. Visit him online at  or by e-mail at:

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