Outdoor Pleasures

April 2013

Now that the days are warmer and longer, many of us gravitate to our yards for outdoor relaxation, barbequing and swimming. Louis and Karen bought a new gas grille. They didn’t want to use the white propane tank because it is an eyesore, so they called their licensed plumber to install a gas line and connect it to their gas grille. The plumber made the proper adaptation from propane to natural gas by installing a gas line from their gas meter to their new grill. He also had to change the orifice inside the gas grill to accommodate the natural gas. Now there is no worry about running out of fuel in the middle of grilling their tuna steak and vegetables.

When their plumber was there, they asked him to install a poolside outdoor shower to use before and after swimming. This would encourage their children and friends to shower outside and get dressed in their cabana.

The plumber also recommended that they add some additional lighting around the gas grille and around the pool. Louis and Karen agreed this was an excellent idea. Their plumber brought a licensed electrician to add some additional outdoor lighting. They were delighted with the suggestions the plumber and electrician made for the location of the gas grille and where to install the lighting around the pool.

The plumber also recommended an open pit outdoor fireplace to enjoy on cool summer nights and in the fall and winter months. For years, Louis and Karen planned to install an outdoor hot tub. “Now’s the time,” they said, “We’re not procrastinating any longer.”

Their plumber designed a separate, solar heating hot water system that costs pennies to run. Work began. The tub and other materials needed for the solar heating system were ordered and within three weeks their backyard was transformed into their own beautiful resort. Now they can’t keep enough hot dogs and hamburgers on hand for their guests.

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