Plumbing priorities when buying a home

May 2013

Spring and summer are the best times to buy a home. Overall, it is less stressful to settle into one’s new home before the cold weather and holidays arrive.

People have different needs: style, size of property, type of neighborhood, proximity to stores and places of worship. Parents need to find the school system to meet their children’s needs.

Joe and Anna’s trusted plumber reminded them that an important function of a home is the water distribution system. They brought him to each house they liked so that he could realistically evaluate it and guide their choices.

Important questions he addressed included the age of the water distribution system. The life expectancy in a residence is anywhere from 25 to 30 years. If the water distribution system is older than that, it needs to be addressed and possibly replaced. The condition of the pipes needs to be analyzed. In some situations this is done by removing a section of pipe and having it sent to a lab that tests the age and wear and tear on the piping.

Joe and Anna also had their plumber examine their drainage piping. Some homes in Rockland have sewers made of Orangeburg pipe material made in a factory that closed years ago. If that had been the case, their plumber would have recommended that it be replaced; 50 year old Orangeburg pipe has a tendency to collapse. It was important that Joe and Anna had the advice they needed to make informed decision.

Once they chose the home they liked, they consulted their plumber to see if they could add a bathroom and what their options were in replacing the existing kitchen and half bath on the main floor. While their plumber was there, he also checked their heating system and found it to be recent and in good order. If it had been an old one, the plumber would have recommended the heating system be replaced before the next winter.

The comfort of knowing they had chosen wisely was well worth the consulting fee that Joe and Anna paid their plumber.

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