An unexpected garden flood

June 2013

Catherine was outdoors watering her vegetable and flower gardens, when, suddenly the hose spigot snapped off the outside wall of the house. A flood of water gushed from the water line.

When Catherine and Michael bought their house three years ago, their plumber had walked them through and showed them the critical control valves in case of emergency: One was for their water heater, another for their bathrooms and fortunately, one controlled the three outside hose spigots. It saved them a lot of money on wasted water and damage to their beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.

Catherine and Michael quickly found the valve that controlled the outside spigots and shut the valve off immediately , which minimized the damage. They called their plumber who came over and replaced the snapped-off spigot.

Michael suggested to Catherine that, because of age of their equipment, they replace the other two water spigots as well.

Their plumber replaced all three with a higher quality frost-proof hose spigot. The ones that they had were not frost proof. They were fortunate that these did not freeze during the bitter cold winters. Normally, at the end of autumn the hose spigot should be shut off inside by the main control valve and drained through the outside water spigot. Sometimes people forget to turn these off. Frost proof hose spigots are less likely to freeze and burst.

Catherine and Michael had been meaning to replace their rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel anti-burst hoses to prevent a possible flood, so while their plumber was there, they had him install a solenoid valve with a water detector sensor on their cold water supply to their water heater. This would insure that, should it rupture, it would automatically shut the water off.

Michael and Catherine decided to do these small but important jobs that are so easy to put off, especially when sunny days beckon to relax or putter outdoors.

Once the spigot problem was solved, Catherine returned to her gardens. She picked vegetables to make a luscious cucumber, tomato and string bean salad, feeling happy and relaxed once again.

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